Have you been injured in a collision with a commercial vehicle — such as a taxi, a delivery van or a maintenance truck? At the law firm of Murphy & Landon in Wilmington, Delaware, we can help you navigate the legal challenges of pursuing recovery. Our firm is staffed with skilled litigators whose collective experience totals more than 110 years. We will aggressively pursue a full and fair resolution to your accident case.

Three Critical Things To Know About Your Claim

Commercial vehicle accidents differ from heavy truck accidents in several key ways:

  • Most semi trucks and big rigs carry onboard data recording systems, similar to black boxes on airplanes. But smaller commercial vehicles like delivery vans or pizza delivery cars typically don't have these systems.
  • Federal motor carrier safety regulations govern over-the-road truckers and trucking companies. Yet these regulations typically don't apply to local commercial vehicles. You won't have the protection of these regulations to make the proof of liability easier.
  • Local truck drivers might not have the same level of training and experience that an over-the-road tractor-trailer driver generally has.

What does this mean? Put simply, it means that proving fault in a commercial vehicle accident can be far more difficult than in a truck accident case.

However, commercial liability insurance will likely provide coverage for your losses — if your attorney can prove every aspect of your loss in complete detail. That's where we come in. We can show how your damages involve lost income, medical bills, future treatment needs or in-home assistance while you cope with a traumatic injury or loss of a loved one.

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