Looking forward, I can almost see children going back to school all day, in person, allowing us parents to go back to our businesses and offices without the fear of getting an email that the children will have to quarantine and  learn remotely for weeks on end. But first, a look back – at a
Sexual assault can be a very traumatic experience and different people deal with it in different ways.  Talking about such intimate subjects as sexual assault or abuse is uncomfortable.  Some people find new strength to heal by bringing the truth to light.  Some make the decision to refrain from discussing the issue with anyone other
An expert is hired to explain facts to a jury that are outside the realm of understanding for most people.  Understanding that some people may have more, or less, knowledge, the knowledge of a jury is assessed based upon whether most people in the population would have knowledge of a particular technology, standard or topic.
How would you like to learn that your surgeon was taking selfies or taking a video call while you were unconscious on the operating table?  It is happening more and more. The slip of a surgical knife can slice open the wrong organ, causing years of pain and suffering, numerous follow-up surgeries or instant death.