Ohio law requires plaintiffs to present expert testimony linking their alleged asbestos-related injuries to exposure to specific products, the Delaware Supreme Court has ruled. The July 22 Delaware ruling, came after the Ohio high court in Schwartz v. Honeywell International Inc.  rejected an expert’s so-called cumulative exposure theory, which claimed that “each and every” contact
Work injury claim
In a June 25, 2019 opinion, the Delaware Supreme Court ruled that a Department of Transportation (“DelDOT”) employee was entitled to workers’ compensation benefits because he was acting within the scope of his employment when he was injured in a car accident while returning to work outside of his normal hours. The ruling found that
Most Wilmington residents can probably tell that if a person suffers a blow or other impact to the head and winds up in a coma, then he or she has suffered serious brain trauma. On the other hand, there may well be a common misconception in Delaware and in the rest of the country that
A previous post on this blog discussed how the right to sue for wrongful death falls upon a deceased person’s closes relatives. After all, they are the ones who are most likely to suffer both emotionally and financially when someone dies in connection with a preventable accident caused by another person’s negligence. Some of the