Dawn Williamson is a TOP NOTCH paralegal at Murphy & Landon.  She began her career as a file clerk in July 2002 while she was attending Delaware Technical and Community College studying Radiology.  Dawn enjoyed her work with the firm so much, she changed her major to Criminal Justice.  She continued her career at Murphy
Parents and guardians often have questions about what happens to the settlement money when a case resolves in favor of a minor.  The short answer?  The money is protected for the minor until they reach the age of majority. How? It depends. Options available depend upon the age of the child and the health of

Mental Health Break: Art

It’s cold! I don’t want to go outside – do you?  February is the perfect month to spend indoors getting your creative juices flowing! Since the pandemic began, I have rediscovered art.  No, I’m NO artist!  But, my new role as home-school art teacher has reinvigorated my love of grade-school art.  Water colors, paint, markers,
The Delaware High School Mock Trial competition is an annual competitive event held over two days at the New Castle County Courthouse in Wilmington.   Teams of high school  students compete in presenting a variety of cases before the court.  The teams are given the same case details or fact-patterns to present.  The cases can be