Murphy & Landon is pleased to announce that Lauren Cirrinicione, a partner with the firm, recently settled a personal injury lawsuit for $385,000.  Ms. Cirrinicione’s client suffered neck and back injuries after her car was struck from behind by another driver.  The other vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed and did not
Medical Malpractice
Patients who are injured or die during medical procedures are often victims of malpractice.  If not performed properly, medical treatment can cause new injuries, illnesses, and even death.  Examples include: Infections caused by a failure to take required precautions, sometimes as simple as failing to wash hands or reusing a contaminated medical device. According to
Sexual abuse can happen to a person of any age, gender or sexual orientation.   It can also be perpetrated by a person of any age, gender or sexual orientation. Survivors of sexual abuse have options to get justice for their injuries.  Survivors can choose to pursue the criminal justice system, civil justice system, both systems,


March 16, 2020             Like you, we have been closely following the spread of COVID-19.  The health and safety of our clients and our staff is our primary priority. We want to share details about what we are doing to take precautions while doing our best to make sure that your case is not disrupted