The relatives of a 16-year-old Delaware girl who died after being attacked in a high school bathroom have resolved a lawsuit against the school district where the assault occurred. Roger Landon of Murphy & Landon, lead attorney for the mother of Amy Joyner-Francis, told a Delaware federal judge in a November 13 letter that an
An $11.4 million verdict in favor of a man who was struck from behind on his bicycle may now be in doubt, after a Florida appeals court sent the case back to jurors to determine whether the cyclist was too drunk to blame the crash on the driver who hit him. The Fourth District Court
A Florida appeals court has wiped out a $90,000 verdict in favor of a woman who was injured when she fell on a Miami sidewalk, finding that the Google Maps photograph she used to bolster her case had not been properly authenticated. The October 16 ruling from the Third District Court of Appeals came in
Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings has sued members of the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, over their alleged role in causing the state’s ongoing opioid crisis, claiming that the family had directed a two-decade-long pattern of aggressive sales and misleading marketing campaigns to boost sales of the dangerous drugs. The lawsuit, filed earlier this