Top 10 Pedestrian Safety Tips

Pedestrian accidents increase in summer and fall.  These collisions include people who are walking, skating and riding bicycles.  With more people outdoors who step away from their computers to enjoy the weather, there are more opportunities for cars, trucks and vans to collide with them. Here are the Top 10 ways to avoid being the
When you need legal representation, one of the first people you will speak with is a Paralegal. Paralegals work with attorneys in advancing your legal claim, and a paralegal is typically the first person you will speak with about your claim. They will interview you. They will research and make phone calls. They will do
Murphy & Landon is pleased to announce that Lauren Cirrinicione, a partner with the firm, recently settled a personal injury lawsuit for $385,000.  Ms. Cirrinicione’s client suffered neck and back injuries after her car was struck from behind by another driver.  The other vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed and did not
Medical Malpractice
Patients who are injured or die during medical procedures are often victims of malpractice.  If not performed properly, medical treatment can cause new injuries, illnesses, and even death.  Examples include: Infections caused by a failure to take required precautions, sometimes as simple as failing to wash hands or reusing a contaminated medical device. According to