Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings has sued members of the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, over their alleged role in causing the state’s ongoing opioid crisis, claiming that the family had directed a two-decade-long pattern of aggressive sales and misleading marketing campaigns to boost sales of the dangerous drugs. The lawsuit, filed earlier this
The state of New Jersey has approved a $12.75 million settlement between New Jersey Transit and a pedestrian who was left with traumatic brain injuries after being struck by a bus. The plaintiff, Jason Gillespie, suffered catastrophic injuries, including multiple brain hemorrhages, skull fractures, and a permanent brain injury, when the NJ Transit bus plowed
A judge in Ohio has cleared the way for the first federal trial against some of the nation’s top pharmaceutical firms over their role in the opioid epidemic, rejecting key defenses the companies had offered in a bid to dismiss claims that they had caused the crisis. In a September 3 ruling, U.S. District Judge
A Texas personal injury firm announced that it had reached an unprecedented $140 million settlement in the case of a driver who was paralyzed from the neck down in a 2017 collision with an 18-wheel truck. According to the firm Goudarzi & Young, the settlement, reached on behalf of a 39-year-old driver, was the largest