Murphy & Landon makes client experience a priority.  Each week, all employees make it a priority to attend a virtual meeting, where we discuss all matters relating to customer experience.  Our discussions cover a wide range of topics focused on how to collectively and individually improve the firm. More recently, Murphy & Landon implemented a
In 2006, Frank Murphy and Murphy & Landon began a long-term commitment to environmental and sustainable energy initiatives in Delaware. In that year, the Delaware General Assembly passed the bi-partisan Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 45 establishing a Blue Ribbon Task Force to study the feasibility of developing a Sustainable Energy Utility in Delaware. The Task Force
Frank Murphy was recently elected to serve a one-year term as the Treasurer of the Delaware State Bar Association (“DSBA”).  The DSBA is the umbrella organization for the lawyers who are members of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware.  The DSBA was founded in 1923 and has a broad mission:

Staff Spotlight: Debbi Abbott

Deb joined the Murphy & Landon team on Jan. 2, 2005 and has been a valued and critical part of the firm for over 15 years. She expresses her appreciation that the firm has made it possible to keep us all working during this Pandemic, whether it be a skeleton crew in the office or