Choosing an attorney can be one of the more important things you do when you need representation in a case.  Because most of us only have a limited number of occasions in our lifetimes when we need an attorney to handle a case for us, it may be hard to know if you’ve made the

Staff Spotlight: Fidelia Xon

I was born and raised in Elmhurst, NY, near “the City.”  I attended Newtown High School, the same school where Estee Lauder studied.  A year after graduating from high school, I was lucky to land a job opportunity with The Guardian Life Insurance Co. located in NYC. I moved to Delaware in 2006 to provide

Swimming Pool Safety

Never leave a child unattended in or near the water. It only takes a few moments for a tragedy to occur.  Make sure that there is a responsible adult watching you child at all times.  Even at public pools with a lifeguard, the lifeguard’s view may be blocked. Teach your child to swim. Swimming is
The weather is improving, COVID-19 is waning, and riders are hitting the roads in increasing numbers – figuratively, and unfortunately in some cases, literally.  No matter your experience level, and particularly if you’re a seasonal rider (or your mileage has been limited due to the pandemic), taking some time to prepare your bike, body, and