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Spinal Cord Injuries Archives

Choosing an appropriate spinal cord injury rehab program

The days, weeks and months after a Delaware accident can seem like an eternity. For the accident victim, there is usually an endless "to-do" list related to the incident: medical appointments, meetings with one's boss to determine how work aligns with rehabilitation, family and personal responsibilities that must still be maintained and meeting with a lawyer to seek legal advice.

Confronting the negligence that results in spinal cord injury

Last week's post focused on truck accidents and the time it may take to recover from such an incident. Unfortunately, a negligent driver can be just about anyone -- school bus drivers, truck drivers or everyday commuters. Just one moment of negligence can lead to serious injury. For accident victims with spinal cord injuries, that moment can change their lives forever.

Stem cells may offer hope for spinal cord injury relief

People in Delaware who have suffered a spinal cord injury are likely to stay up-to-date on the latest news regarding the spinal cord injury research community. Recently, a report has been published that shows there may be renewed hope in combatting the often-debilitating effects of spinal cord injuries.

How much do spinal cord injuries cost each year?

According to a 2009 study, about one out of every 50 people in the U.S. lives with some form of paralysis. Paralysis, which is often caused by spinal cord injuries, is a very serious condition that can range from a single body part to a person's entire physical form. Over 5.5 million people must cope with paralysis in some form, not only physically but also financially.

Hope and reassurance for spinal cord injury sufferers

It probably comes as no surprise to many residents in Delaware that long-term medical care tends to be exorbitantly expensive. Even seeing a doctor for a simple check up can result in a large medical bill; however, for those with injuries to their spinal cord, their financial future can be incredibly uncertain. A skilled spinal cord injury attorney can help an accident victim reclaim their financial footing by obtaining compensation for damages.

How do spinal cord injuries impact long-term care?

Communicating with one's doctor openly and regularly is important for many Delaware residents. This is especially true for accident victims who may have severe afflictions such as spinal cord injuries. In this situation, obtaining a thorough prognosis can offer some peace of mind during a difficult situation.

Stem cell trials bring hope for spinal cord injury victims

It's probably not surprising that spinal cord injury tends to be one of the most devastating types of injury a person can experience. This vital area of the body affects so many other parts of a person, and injury to one's spinal cord can be truly life-altering in countless ways. Many victims of spinal cord injuries face lengthy rehabilitation periods, long-term medical care and the huge medical expenses that come with an injury so comprehensive in its effects.

Assertive representation for back and neck injury victims

Faced with mountains of unexpected medical bills, what is an accident victim to do? In Delaware, the team of attorneys at Murphy & Landon are experienced in obtaining compensation for spinal cord injuries. Getting started is as easy attending a free consultation or simply making a toll-free call to a compassionate staff member.

Is it possible for a spinal cord injury to be cured?

There are many questions that spinal cord injury victims are likely to have regarding their prognosis. Whether one has a spinal cord injury or has a friend or family member with this type of severe injury, one of the first questions is often, "can this be cured?" A Wilmington personal injury attorney experienced in dealing with spinal cord injury, or SCI, can be a helpful resource.

Supporting a loved one's spinal cord injury rehabilitation

When a loved one suffers a serious injury, family and friends can face challenges as well. While no one can truly understand what it is like to suffer a spinal cord injury unless they have survived it themselves, family and friends may be going through their own journey of confronting a loved one's recovery.

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