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July 2015 Archives

Was GPS the cause of recent Delaware truck accident?

Many Delaware drivers use GPS systems in their personal vehicles. These navigation systems can make it much easier to go on a long trip or simply to get around town. However, these devices must be used safely. This is easier said than done, considering drivers must usually look at the screen to view the map. Truck drivers, in particular, must be exceptionally careful when using their GPS, so as not to inadvertently cause truck accidents on the road.

Do spinal cord injury victims always need a wheelchair?

No Delaware resident wants to face the prospect of a devastating injury, but for accident victims there is no choice. Whether one was hurt in a car accident caused by a negligent driver, a workplace accident or a recreational accident, the prospect of a spinal cord injury may be present. One of the primary fears of those with recent spinal cord injuries is often the thought of life spent in a wheelchair.

What are the top causes of spinal cord injuries in the U.S.?

While all injuries can be quite traumatic, spinal cord injuries are particularly hard to deal with since the damage tends to be irreversible. This means that unlike; let's say a broken leg or a fractured rib, the damage done to the vertebrae, disks or ligaments of the spinal cord will continue to impact one's life. 

New technology shows promise regarding traumatic brain injury

One of the responsibilities of a Delaware physician is accurate diagnosis of an injury, disease or medical condition. Sometimes two different conditions will exhibit similar symptoms, so doctors will frequently utilize various forms of assistance, from other doctors' opinions to new forms of technology, in order to accurately diagnose. Recently, news reports have indicated that new technology may make it easier to diagnose traumatic brain injury.

How a common ailment may contribute to car accidents

Most Delaware residents are probably familiar with the common causes of car accidents: drunk driving, texting and driving and other forms of distracted driving. In addition to these well-known causes, certain medical conditions and medications can also dangerously impair a driver. In some car accidents, the impaired driver may be found liable for a collision caused by their impaired state. One disease whose ability to cause unsafe driving may surprise some: diabetes.

New technology could make semi-trucks in Delaware safer

Crisscrossing America's highways are semi-trucks. Semi-trucks transporting all types of goods to all types of destinations are an essential component of the economy. However, operating one of these vehicles is not without its risks. Semi-trucks can be overloaded, have significant blind spots and may be slower to stop and start than automobiles. Therefore, drivers of semi-trucks must be especially careful to avoid truck accidents. This is because one negligent move could cause a collision with a smaller vehicle, ending in vehicular damage and serious or fatal injuries.

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