Wilmington Brain Injury Attorneys

Concussions and brain damage often go undiagnosed in the aftermath of an accident. The person who is affected may not look any different after the accident. Eventually, family members begin to notice symptoms of traumatic brain injury (TBI) such as forgetfulness, difficulty following directions or irritability.

Unfortunately, brain injury cases can be difficult to prove. The change in your loved one's behavior and personality may be obvious to you, but the challenge lies in presenting sound medical evidence of that change to strangers who don't know your loved one — and aren't doctors themselves. One of the keys to success is involving a medical expert who can explain the injury in layman's terms.

We Have Proven Success Building Winning Cases

At the law firm of Murphy & Landon in Wilmington, Delaware, we routinely handle brain injury cases on behalf of victims and their loved ones. Our attorneys work with trusted medical experts to establish compelling cases.

Our success is evident in our many million-plus dollar verdicts and settlements. We have a reputation for fighting for injury victims — even at trial, if needed. Our lawyers' 110 years of combined experience gives us the insight to approach these cases with a strategy geared toward winning.

The Importance Of A Fair Financial Recovery

Brain damage cases can range from mild to severe. Any degree of brain injury can lead to far-reaching consequences. In cases of severe brain damage, the victim will not be able to work.

Anyone who suffers a brain injury is likely to need lifelong medical and personal services. By pursuing a full and fair recovery, we can free you from the burden of financial struggles and help secure justice.

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